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Summer and Winter Solstice

Solstice blessings to you all as the wheel turns, and in the Northern Hemisphere, we stand at the precipice of the Winter Solstice—a potent time of reflection and potential, when the nights are long and the days are short when the powers of light and warmth seem weakest. We are immersed in the beautiful, mysterious dark. Here in the Southern Hemisphere, we celebrate the Summer Solstice – the longest day – the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest, and we give thanks for the bounty our Earth Mother gifts us.  Our summer days seem endless; however, we know that the days will grow shorter as we merge with the sacred wheel of the year.

Radiate Love

Living from our hearts on our spiritual paths of growth is life-affirming. However, it is easy to fall into the trap of excessive intellectualization and go down the rabbit hole of endless ways and theories. Often, we forget our essential connection to our hearts. We go upstairs to the mind for mentally discriminatory practices and systematic forms of learning. We can lift from the heart, empty the mind, and fill it with positivity – however, most of us converse all day with the past. While we may understand thousands of spiritual topics inside-out, this knowledge means nothing without a connection to our hearts. It’s common for spiritual seekers to become stranded on their paths, stuck in the sense of “lifelessness” and inner dullness. This inner dullness is due to an absence of a heart connection. When you commit yourself to radiating love, you take your growth to a new level.

Try This Practice

Imagine that your heart is a deep well whenever you have a spare moment in your day. At the bottom of this well is an unending stream of water, the water of love. Imagine this water bubbling up through the well and spilling over into your body. If you have a tough time connecting with your heart, imagine breaking through a thick layer of ice covering the well and drilling down to the bottom. Breathe this water of love throughout your body. You may also like to pray to Source or your preferred deity about developing a stronger Heart connection.

This is the time to come home to your authentic self through your heart. With solstice blessings the veils are thin this makes it an easier passage for you to connect. Your heart is your sacred tool that needs to be actualized in your life. Your Heart connection is as essential as breathing. This sacred connection holds the key to your well-being and wholeness and is necessary to fulfilling your destiny and mission here on Earth.

Be at peace as we celebrate

A Winter Solstice chant:

The longest night,

The wheel is turning,

What must you lose to the night?

A Winter Solstice chant:

The longest day

The wheel is turning

What must we radiate with the sun?

Solstice blessings and a joyous holiday season to you all!




This is taken from the beach nearest our home. It is about five kilometres away and we feel very privilaged to cal this sacred place home.

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