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Nurture You

This week we travel over to Sydney for the marriage of my youngest son to his beloved. My son has honoured me by asking that I do a Mother of the Groom speech. I have kept it to under three minutes and will be the first to speak.


The wedding is on Saturday – we decided to extend our visit and attend the Electric Convention the following weekend. I will swim in a charity swim, “The Sydney Skinny”, to raise money for Skin Cancer – a major health problem in Australia. For people interested, you can read about their efforts here

Nurture you by gettting a skin check this week – it may save your life.

Be loving and gentle with yourself! Where more gentleness and self-kindness are needed. Spend some time to nurture you. Do you have a simple but regular self-care practice that gives you the space to nurture you? Your body, heart, mind, and soul? Be aware that others cannot fulfil every one of your needs – conversely, don’t treat yourself like a big lump of coal! When we neglect our well-being, there are always repercussions (and at the same time, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve struggled to put this into action – you’re doing the best you can, always!). Nurturing yourself could be as simple as going to bed early, drinking herbal tea, exercising more regularly, or sitting outside and soaking in nature. If you’re not connected with your inner yin (feminine) side, don’t be put off by the “nurturing” label. No matter who we are, we all have a nurturing side and need to be nurtured. Take care of your inner child and listen to your needs. What is your body craving? Where can you show more kindness and mindful concern toward yourself? Be still and simply nurture you. 

Look Up For Planetary Healing

Healing is available, as Venus, Jupiter and Chiron form a triple conjunction in Aries. Chiron is an initiatory force that reveals your raw impulses and needs that clash with the “normal” order of things so you can create fresh new patterns of living.

This is powerful medicine – nothing less than a shamanic process of self-discovery, the desire to reintegrate the spirit into the body, and recovery by healing the soul instead of the psychology.

Chiron is a comet with a unique and erratic orbit. The ” wounded healer ” symbolises Chiron in the natal chart.” It represents our deepest wound and our efforts to heal the wound. From Cafe

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