Winter and Summer Solstice

Nusta Karpay

Winter and Summer Solstice

It is a big week for us all as we prepare for the Winter and Summer solstice. We have friends gathering this coming Saturday before sunset for a Yule feast to celebrate all the gifts we have received and to ask to sun to shine once more with the new moon emerging to bless our dreams.  Consciousness is shifting now, like i’ve never seen before in my more than forty years on this sacred pathway. Through the power of conscious choice, we can create a more empowering, expansive, abundant reality. We are constantly creating our reality through our everyday choices and through the power of conscious choice, we are creating an empowering, expansive, abundant reality. The winter and summer solstice are really calling us home.

Winter Solstice: 

Yule: the longest night and shortest day. We have entered into the darkness, but just as it grows to its greatest extent, the light is reborn. This is a time to celebrate all that warms us and gives us hope. There is much reason to hope and celebrate, as well as so many reasons to feel anguish and pain. These are times of extremes—drought and flood, hopeful elections and devastating fires, inhuman acts of brutality and courageous stands for compassion and justice. Solstice reminds us that the greatest darkness contains the seed of light—as, on the opposite pole of the year, the triumph of light begins the descent toward the dark.

The world is dynamic, not static; the wheel is ever-turning.

  1. Focus on planetary peace and planetary well-being in your rituals, meditations, prayers, and other workings. Peace-making was part of Winter Solstice among many peoples in the past. Keep this tradition alive in the present and future
  2. Envision your own celebrations of Winter Solstice being part of a vast network of Solstice celebrations happening around the planet (Winter in the Southern hemisphere & Summer in the North).
  3. Place candle lights all around to represent the Sun.. On one of the nights of Solstice, turn off all lights, experience the longest night, reflect on renewal and peace, and turn the lights back on to symbolise the birth of the New Solar Year.

Summer Solstice:

Litha —the longest day and shortest night of the year. The light reaches its peak—and yet begins its descent into darkness. Summer flowers must fade to set seed, and summer’s growth must end for harvest time to come. The solstice reminds us that completion means letting go. To grow to adulthood, we must let go of childhood and adolescence. The Summer Solstice is a potent time for us to relish in the abundance of our lives … the abundance that we’ve been seeding and manifesting since the new year. How has your garden been growing.
  1. Stay up all night on Solstice Eve and welcome the rising Sun at dawn. Make a pledge to Mother Earth of something that you will do to improve the environment and then begin carrying it out. Have a magical gift exchange with friends.
  2. In Sweden (my other home) we raise and dress the maypole, wear floral wreaths in our hair, we dance and sing and feast till we drop
  3. Bonfires and firework displays are popular in many parts of Europe when it comes to celebrating midsummer, and special beacons are ritualistically lit throughout. Light your bonfire and connect with the worlds people energetically as you celebrate the gifts of our planet Earth
“As we recognize and embrace our timeless self, we are able to grow new bodies and new destinies, which will serve our entire species. In other words, as we heal, the world will heal; as we change, the world will change. No longer guided by the force of karma, humankind will begin to break free of what keeps us bound to strife and conflict, and we’ll finally grow into Homo luminous.” —Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Enjoy as we all gather around the virtual bonfire to celebrate let us pause to fell our connections with each other as we radiate love like never before. Which ever hemisphere you live in see this time as a return to the sun, earth, moon and stars ~ our relationship with them is now so the natural, so elemental that our frequencies on our soul path on earth is uplifted, awakened & moved into profound remembrance of who we are, and why we reincarnated at this time. Embrace the winter and summer solstice where ever you may be. The links in the text as to a special offer…. click to discover more… Enjoy the light Sharon Free inspiration for you:

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Our supportive online community is the best place to connect with others just like you. Don’t to answer ALL the questions. Little-Death Breathing Sit comfortably. Rest your hands in your lap and gently close your eyes or softly focus on a point on the floor in front of you. Inhale to a count of seven. At the end of your inhalation, hold your breath for another count of seven. Exhale in one continuous breath to an additional count of seven, until your lungs feel empty of air. For a final count of seven, do not breathe. Repeat this process seven times. Although this exercise sounds simple enough, the “little-death” can be disorientating, and you’ll probably feel light-headed. This light-headedness is your entry into an altered state of perception, so do your best to hold the full count. I’ve found this exercise to be as powerful as the states of consciousness I’ve experienced during deep meditation. Practice opening sacred space and “little-death” breathing until you can do it without reading instructions. I Enter your text here…

It Is Time To Nurture You


It Is Time To Nurture You

Carry the intent to remember your true nature in your heart with purity and compassion
It is time to nurture you. We see and understand our limitless nature with ease when we connect deeply with our Crown Chakra. Our crown chakra, the one thousand petal lotus at the very top of our head is our portal to the Heavens, in the same way that the first or base chakra is the portal to the Earth. Luminous threads from this beautiful energy centre reach up to the stars and to our destinies. Here we may speak openly with our star brothers and sisters – receiving their wisdom directly into our bodies through our Crown Chakra. The Earth protects us and nurtures us with her life force, and the Heavens propel us toward our becoming. The name for this chakra in Sanskrit is sahasrara, which means “emptiness.” When we freely commune with the stars we are able to travel through space and time, we are one with Heaven and Earth. When we do this we remember our true nature
“The timeless you is unchanging and never suffers.
The timeless you is never ill and will never die”. Alberto Villoldo, PhD

Feel for the messages

As you feel the messages and power coming through your Crown Chakra hold a steady platform of reconnection within your Heart by connecting and utilising the powerful light energies that are coming onto our planet directly through you. Your crown chakra is connected with how blessed and spiritually fulfilled you feel, as well as how open-minded you are. Remain open into a continual letting go process, being the witness in your life, no longer lost in the drama and illusion – choose to not engage with the drama. When we do this we remember our true nature. Understand that It is time to nurture you. Know that you are not alone in this journey. Any time you need it call forth the help you require in your day to day living to fully navigate yourself through this time. Be specific when you are communicating with your power animal, guiding spirits, ancestors, the angel realms, in what you are asking to receive for yourself, your needs, your desires… Claim your abundance and know that the activation of your creation arises through your Heart. Actively set in motion that which you require for your mission of reconnection and for your day to day living.

3 Tips To Working With Your Crown Chakra

  1. Wearing the colour violet, or white, supports your crown chakra. You can also simply gaze at either of these colours
  2. Engage in a simple meditation to try is a Breathing Meditation, sit with your spine relatively straight, either on a chair or on a cushion on the floor. Don’t strain to make this happen – find a natural posture. Just breathe normally through your nose. Don’t attempt to control the pace or volume of your breathing. Simply turn your attention to “watching” your breath as it enters and exits your nostrils. Just observe.
  3. Work with a crystal that supports the health of the crown chakra. Good choices include: Clear Quartz, Sugilite, Charoite But don’t feel limited to these – there are many more choices available! Simply follow your intuition to find the crystal that is right for you. Once, you’ve got your crystal all picked out, you can hold the crystal in your hand and “breathe” in the energy of the stone. Or, you can place the crystal on your crown chakra

Embrace a shamanic way of living to thrive

What do you see

Embrace A Shamanic Way Of Living To Thrive

Some tips for you to embrace a shamanic way of living The circular nature of life informs us as we embrace life on our unique shamanic pathway. As shaman, we no longer look for meaning in life. Instead, we look to bring meaning to every situation. As shaman, we stop looking for truth and instead bring truth to every encounter. Remember shamanism is a pathway of direct revelation – trust your high heart. One way to do this is through writing as writing helps us increase our self-awareness and also offers deeper insights that lead to both healing and transformation. If you have that journal waiting for you then maybe today is the day to being. We all have a story to tell, whether we think we have lived what is considered an ‘exciting’ life or not. It is important to remember that, at some point, everyone has a life experience worth putting on the page. For many people, it is only through the action of writing that the healing of any emotional wounds can begin. Try it today as this is a great way to embrace a shamanic way of living.

Two Sun Songs For You

Here are two classic heart-opening sun song rituals that I have encountered being sung globally. The words are pretty much universal. You might like to begin by casting your sacred circle. We are working directly with the Sun – 🌞 so face the sun and open your heart to the sun in the morning and evening

Morning Song:
Morning Sun Morning Sun
Come my way Come my way…repeat 3x’s
Take my pain Take my pain… repeat 3x’s
Down below Down below… repeat 3x’s
Cool waters down below…repeat 3x’s.
Evening Song:
Evening Sun Evening Sun
Came my way Came my way…repeat 3x’s
Took my pain Took my pain…repeat 3x’s
Down below Down Below……repeat 3x’s
Spend a few minutes simple feeling the sun fill your heart, ripple through every cell of your being. Close at heart centre and enjoy

Living in Gratitude

Globally we have all heard about the event that has kept us home. In reality, I view it as a wave of Grace. In the quiet times, we can fully focus on our hearts as we give we really being to see and embrace the eternal flow of love from our hearts, and in return so we receive so much.  Living in gratitude we feel such immense love for ourself, everyone and everything else. All of life is nourished in this simple way. We have the ability to love so deeply that it heals everything, and this in return is the gift we are receiving, the Grace of the Divine Mother, Father, pure Source that is within us and without. This is the perfect time to fully embrace and own your sacred truth. In this way we are able to embrace a shamanic way of life Let your love shine with every step of this sacred day and in this you embrace a shamanic way of living SharonFree inspiration for you:

Gemini New Moon – 10 Spiritual Tips

Nusta Karpay

Gemini New Moon - 10 Spiritual Tips

When you embrace your sacred contract, you are shown the possibilities of your destiny—its challenges, its wonders, its mysteries, and its inner power. As the power of the new moon unfolds it is time to trust. Time to engage with 10 spiritual tips for improving your well-being and self-discovery.

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon, which is about trusting your inner wisdom, curiosity and communication. This new moon is asking you to examine the story you tell yourself. It is the perfect time for dreaming in the dark, to “see and seed” your soul’s dream. 

Nusta Karpay

My deep gratitude to everyone engaged with my new course – join this amazing new spiritual course the Nusta Karpay with the Pleiadians You are connecting in a rich and profound way with Nustana and these amazing giving multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system. They inform the Nustana (seven Goddess archetypes) and are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation. This Gemini new moon is a great time to explore this hot and new course.

Did you know that in Viking cultures, the Pleiades were thought of as Freyja’s chicks, Frejya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. For protection, some would paint seven spots, representing the seven stars, on hen houses. Ladybugs were associated with the cluster because of the seven spots on their wings.


  1. Believe in the act of giving by helping others: These times are made for this – small acts count big time
  2. Live in the present moment – embrace its gifts. Let go of what you had panned as there is only NOW
  3. Forgive others and learn to let go – those old scars can be shed
  4. Bond with people around you, embrace their quirks
  5. Be open to learning new things – feed your heart and soul
  6. Develop a sense of gratitude – breathe it into your heart
  7. Spend 15-30 minutes every morning on YOU – meditation, yoga, a walk, looking and drinking in your surrounds
  8. Be truthful – when someone lies, clairvoyantly we see grey clouds emanate from their aura 
  9. Listen to your intuition. Our gut is extremely accurate at telling us what feels good and what doesn’t—but most often, we ignore it and ask our brain to make the decision instead
  10. Laugh often to live on a high for life frequency—and with that, you shift everything and everyone around you – the Gemini new moon helps you laugh

“Impermanence (n) – the way change falls in love with you ” Andrea Balt.

Be at peace as you choose to thrive


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What Are You Dreaming?

What are you dreaming?

What Are You Dreaming?

Chart your pathway ahead with your dreams (and daydreams). Journal them and tease them out into reality.

I still remember exactly where I was… outside meditating in my back yard in Carine. I can still hear the words filling every fibre of my being me … the feelings… I can see hear the clarity and strength in which they were conveyed.

Meditation can often take the form of a daydream opening for us. Inviting me, to dare, pushing me to dare, asking me not to go back to sleep to my life. This was this dream that called me onto the path I continue to explore and walk today.

“The universe is a Divine thought that has taken form”. Alberto Villoldo, PhD

This dream that still calls me… at times demands… sometimes dragging me kicking in doubt that I move forward into it – that I must bring this to life and now (my recent Nusta Karpay course – I knew it was incomplete when I received it – I asked for the missing keys and was guided by my dreams – then research backed it up).

Nusta Karpay


The course is amazing! Sharon has a unique way of connecting to the students and retaining a powerful energy in her videos! I worked as a videographer for long years, and even though I have done experiments in retaining energy in video, the way Sharon presents the modules is just unbelievable. Truly magical! Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge with us. I am learning loads with you. Thank you!

Susana V – student – Nusta Karpay

This quest has propelled me into exploring, clearing, healing, learning to become a better version of myself. To become worthy of that dream, worthy of stepping into and allowing it’s manifestation to flower. Ask yourself what can your dreams do for you?

Work with your dreams

Allow deep gratitude to inspire you every day and keep you focused to be worthy of your dreams. Draw the word gratitude deeply into your heart and let it inform your heart’s longing for skills, practices, tools and experiences that work…infused with the call of service. Experience opening and shifting your core structure… to be informed by and called into a better version of yourself. Remember to have fun – enjoy the dance of your dreams.

Dreaming is so important on our spiritual pathway …a deep profound shamanic connection……manifestation of our unique pathway. The magic of possibilities is everywhere as our dreams can offer a glimpse into our soul and must be held as sacred, honoured and even protected. Dreaming can be time out – a welcome release to recalibrate and re-seed our life direction. As the moon wanes use this time to focus on your pathway

Dream on my friends


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Tips For Working With Change

Change is inevitable

Tips For Working With Change

Change is needed. Changed is calling. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”. -Margaret Mead

What a wild moon this is, powerfully motivating and pushing us relentlessly to live our truth. 2020 is turning out to be a long-overdue confrontation with the truth when global events outside our control are forcing every single one of us to lift our heads right out of the sand and experience the reality of impermanence. Like many people globally – we in Australia are faced with politicians and fossil fuel lovers not telling the truth, with this virus that interrupts what was our normal flow. We see it all for what it is… as the witness in our lives, not lost in the illusion and dramas.

Change ….. 

Change is needed. Changed is calling. Change is inevitable, it is the only constant in our lives yet we often work so hard – even fight to resist it.

Breathe change, embrace it, and allow it to percolate through you. Your only other choice is to fight it. This leaves you rigid, fearful and possibly angry because you cannot change change. Change doesn’t care how it affects you any more than a drop of water in the ocean concerns itself with the day to day feelings of the rocks it crashes into. It just crashes. Wave after wave. Time and time again.

Always when life gets a bit odd I find myself checking in with my main power animal wolf and looking to the skies above and the trees all around as the Universal Laws cannot be stopped by me or you. Understanding them and embracing them will let you control the only part of your life that you ever can – yourself, the quality of your thinking and your compassion. Listen to your heart more than ever before.

Breathe deeply into your belly becoming resilient. Letting life work its magic even if it is a bit odd for you in this moment. And here’s the pay off…..anything that comes from presence, freedom and love carry the flavour of its origin in everything it touches. So love as you have never loved before – let it radiate freely from your heart and let it touch others around you

5 Tips to Focus On

  1. Find the humour in the situation.
  2. Don’t stress out about stressing out.
  3. Focus on your values instead of your fears.
  4. Accept the past, but seed your future. …
  5. Don’t expect stability.

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. -Albert Einstein

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Radiate love


Work With This New Moon To Manifest Our Dreams​

Moon Magic Shamanism

Work With This New Moon To Manifest Our Dreams

Last evening we ate dinner outside, we witnessed the sun go down and the magic of the new moon to manifest our dreams in the crimson and blue sky – she was just a slither greeting us, reminding us that in our own life, we must inoculate ourselves against the incoming toxic thought streams. Social media can be a great place to get hooked on toxic patterns. Focus your attention on your intention as the witness in your life, look into your High Heart for peace. Prioritise your energy space and usage of that energy. See the magnetic field that surrounds you- that you live from, draw on and co-create: your breath, your physicality, your food, your creativity, your health, your heart, your frequency. For it to flow, for you to thrive, not just survive, you need to clear the river, be the river. There is no better time.

Work with this new moon to manifest our dreams

We are heading towards Imbolc for our Northern Hemisphere friends on the Celtic wheel and here in the Southern realms, we are celebrating the harvest known as Lammas or Lughnassadh. Traditionally this is a time of celebration and feasting so invite your friends around and enjoy the passing of the great wheel from one month to another. Offer gratitude for all that you have. Gratitude is more than just a buzzword that we hear everywhere these days. Gratitude signifies reciprocity – a giving and taking, a deep symbiotic connective synergy. Try this tip to start your day. Before you get out of bed for the day, look outside and up to the sky – simply focus of seeing the sky – do nothing other than pour yourself into the magnificence of the sky and be grateful. There’s nothing more frustrating than a person born with a great aptitude for music, poetry, or science who never develops it, and nothing more tiresome than someone who talks endlessly about wanting to be an artist but who refuses to obtain the skills to achieve that goal. —Alberto Villoldo, PhD It is time for you to be inspired. Start a revolution in your own life, or in the bigger world picture. 2020 is calling us all to stand tall. 
Three tips to define and then simply do
  1. Light a candle or incense, drop into your inner wisdom, and connect with your guides.
  2. TRUST the messages that you receive
  3. Journal the messages and metaphors you receive 
Breathe freely recalling the immortal words of John Muir, “Earth has so sorrow that earth cannot heal”. Sharon ​Tips of how to engage in a shamanic journey

It Is Time To Step Forward

Faery wisdom

It Is Time To Step Forward

It is time to step forward. We are all here in the eye of a perfect storm, one of those rare crossroads in history – hard to discern when you’re right in the thick of it but blindingly obvious further down the time-line. My country burns others are flooding our so called leaders smirk and hide from reality. Before our very eyes we are witness to toxic relationship between humanity and our beloved Earth Mother. It does not have to be this way.

Full moon this weekend

We are staring at the full moon this coming weekend. Spend even just a few minutes everyday being centred, open up sacred space, draw the light around you and extend it out over and well beyond your personal space. Stay grounded in your physical, emotional and energetic environment. Prioritise sleep, good food and hydration. Choose to be grounded.  
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare.It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.” — Seneca
Step up with some heart chakra strength. Our heart and the brain are constantly in communication with one another, with the heart sending more information to the brain than vice versa. Visualise breathing through your heart centre, imagining love-filled light entering your body via your heart.
5 Top Tips for balancing your heart chakra:
  1. Try to see beyond people’s behaviours and through to the real person.
  2. Live your life in the most generous and open way that you can.
  3. Know that compassion does not mean that you have to fix things; just being present for another person is in itself healing.
  4. Do your best to be non-judgemental of others. If you find yourself judging others, breathe into your heart and let the judgement go with your out-breath.
  5. Try to find compassion and kindness for yourself daily, so that it is possible to find it for others.