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Thanksgiving Blessings

It is Thanksgiving this Thursday and the the ubiquitous Black Friday for our friends in the USA, let us reflect and always remember to reach out and care for each other in a pure loving way.

Love is the most amazing force in the universe. And we shaman know that the universe always mirrors back to us everything that we offer it. The only way to have more of everything we need is to give our love freely. Then everything is flowing in harmony. Pause for harmony and to give thanks this Thanksgiving.

Never forget we were born to thrive … What I have really noticed with the fear that is around is people are shutting down their dreams rather than really pouring into them. It is driving a “Once I have done this …” “Once my family are ….” “As soon as I’ve managed that …” “But first I need to” …” until we finally dismiss and displace our own dreams to the extent that we can hardly know and feel them anymore.

Our lives become so clogged and bogged down in survival mode.

Never forget that you have your own dreams waiting to be a vibrant part of this world.

Shamans have always known about our hidden power – we are constantly dreaming this world into existence. You have the power to create a new reality.

It’s going to be so, so important for you to dream and journey to capture these flashes of inspiration, the flickers of intuition, sudden epiphanies that come and go with lightning speed, fragments of conversations, read the signs the metaphors, the dreams. Write them down, draw them and save them in a special dedicated book or ideas folder. Choose to remember them.

As we tune into the near future, we have our dreams, our ideas to share and collaborations to build on. It is time for you to step forward as agents of light, of influence showing the pathways to freedom in this lifetime.

In grace, love and service and as always I have a Black Friday offer for you. Click either of the links above to see what it is.


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