Be present and be spontaneous

Make it happen

Shamanism calls us to be present and be spontaneous. The thing I love most about the shamanic traditions I have studied is that they are so similar around the globe, even in cultures that have never been in contact with each other. This reveals a core truth indicating that shamanism came into being directly from the needs of human beings instead of being spread as religions are from a centre to the different corners of the world. The methods they used are also so similar; this expresses the fact that they have been interpreted as rational and that they have worked. Each of us has the opportunity to weave the wealth of shamanism into our hearts.


We can choose to work with drumming, toning, chanting, crystals, singing bowls and Shamanic journeying and Rites all with our breath and our heart guiding us along this chosen route into our truth.

We are all here choosing to be a conscious participant raising our vibrations in this time of significant change. As shaman, we're guided by our breath, hearts, the Earth and Spirits who travel with us bringing freedom for all. 

Be present, be spontaneous.

Life has been full-on for me this year is so many creative ways. I feel the realignments and higher dimensional shifts within as we open more fully to our new luminous bodies and new lives.

Working as we do on this sacred pathway, we see love is the essence that gifts us hope and heals. Love assists us in resonating our whole selves.

Try this exercise: 

Wherever you are, drop into yourself for a moment. Can you feel an aspect of yourself you do not love? Self Healing is a beginning. Listen to find whatever little truth it may contain for you. If you need more, I ask you to search through the resources and healing tools you have acquired along the way. You will find any number of mediations, videos or ways to centre yourself, to take an inventory of soul. Funny way to put it, but there you have it. 

The more we love ourselves, the more it allows our vibration to stay inside our bodies and become pure love – the more we remain in our bodies, the more we can understand how we are being triggered. How do we stay in love, in forgiveness, intolerance to others? If we brought our energy fields back inside of ourselves, and we did not love ourselves, our old fears and patterns would push our spiritual essence back out. Loving ourselves becomes an essential part of energetically staying in our space.

Sharon Ramel

I offer you spirit-based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to mindfulness and peace within each and every one of us.