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With Hope In Our Hearts

‘Amidst it all, there is so much wild beauty, hope and togetherness, so much creativity and audacity, so much that is seeding and growing, there is so much to be thankful for, and so, so much to celebrate’ ~ Clare Dubois
With hope in our hearts as my Country burns it is easy to worry and weep however there is another way through this. On the 28th I engaged in a deep journeying ceremony with my dear friend Cliff Rollins a medium of great visioning, during our sacred ceremony, we were journeying into the future way out in deep space through to the Pleiades. What we saw there was our mother Earth, in her state of pure vibrational majesty. She was shining colours we had never seen before – we had to keep checking in with each other to double-check what we were seeing. Her rivers were clean, sparking and flowing with wild abandon. Her mighty mountains and hills once more were covered with sacred trees. People of all tribes were living peacefully and in sacred reverence connected with the land. Every living being was healthy and vibrant. It was the vibrancy that really shocked us – it was so clear. Hold this vision as you move forward into 2020.
Climate change is here
Climate change is happening – we are here – like it or not – as my Country burns we are witness to this. The world is changing and fast. There are a great many places in trouble right now and they may not survive what is happening. Our role as visionaries with our journeying, our sacred ceremonies, our magic is to be ready to not only survive but to thrive and to rebuild a sustainable loving caring way of living. We are here to uplift and support each other through the changes that are before our very eyes now. It’s going to be ok. We must do our best to not stress out too much – that is not helpful. We cannot fix what is unfolding. We just have to get ready to adapt and rebuild in a positive way.
Our Mother Earth
Our Mother Earth is amazing and whole, she is navigating all of this far better than we humans could ever be aware of. Anything we as humans think we can control is already being managed by larger forces. She is a living organism. She is not going to let us kill her. Her immune systems have kicked in to force us to change so that we have to stop harming her. We did not listen to the warning bells.Thus we have what is happening now … extreme weather events, the floods and the fires, and with it a massive global awakening of awareness that is sweeping through to the core of our being, straight through our hearts, calling us to change the ways in which we are living. No matter whether you live in our cities or out in the country – we have all been called.As we slip into 2020 – truly know it is time to live the change you wish to see – every one of us has this responsibility. Step forward – raise your vibrations to the highest level and thrive.For free inspiration follow me on Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube Plus don’t forget to join our FB group.May you breathe in, deeply loving being alive at this time.Love and gratitude for all that you are, all that you contribute to our sacred circle.Sharon​
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