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Reconnect With Your Intuition

Are you feeling inspired one minute then flatlining the next, take heart – you’re not going mad. It is time to reconnect with your intuition. As we move headlong into this decade, becoming spiritually resilient remains a critical key to successfully navigating the continuous waves of change. A major component of navigation is to align with the cyclical rhythm of your own life deeply with nature’s rhythms. Look to the moon and her cycles and fine-tune with her waxing and waning.

Every Day Be Love

Every day that we are actively participating in working with the natural cycles of life, we are manifesting our highest good. We’re moving forward as we understand there is no going back to how we used to live. You’re moving forward as you reconnect with your intuition

Co-create with the Great Spirit with deep reverence and love in your heart. Love is not only a feeling. The great sages of all times believed that love is the singular force in the universe. They understood that all of creation arises from love and that every beautiful thing you create in your life comes from love. So no matter how muddy the waters may get, find that deep spark of love within your heart and allow it to radiate as you manifest.


Reconnect With Your Intuition Exercise

We have so many opportunities to renew relationships with others and ourselves again. Everyone has relationship histories that can bring up memories of hurt or disappointment or guilt. None-the-less, suppose we have been separated from a loved one for some time. In that case, the collective memories do fade in importance when we chose to seize the opportunity to reconnect with your intuition at a new and possibly more profound and authentic level.

To start this exercise, remember a time when you were at the train station or airport, you are either waiting for someone yourself or watching someone else who is waiting to reconnect with a loved one. Playback in your mind the joy, hugs, and welcome expressed by both parties when they see each other.

Breathe deeply, counting one on the inhale as you receive your breath and two on the exhale as you let it go. Let all thoughts in your mind go and focus on the breath and simple counting. Breathe naturally.

When you are relaxed and centred, imagine you are at the train station or airport waiting for a loved one: tune into your heart and third eye your intuition.

Tune In Deeply

Experience how excited your spirit and body are to know that this reconnection with your wise self, your intuitive self will expand and open a new life for you. Simply allow any known and unknown knowledge wounds you may be holding melt away in the light of your delight.

Let intuition take any natural form, young or old, male or female, a perfect stranger, someone you know, an object an animal, Working with your imagination, journey, see, hear, feel, hear become aware of all your senses and fully sense the celebration of you, your wonderful intuition, your journeying experience of the moment you greet each other with joy. See that the residues of any past issues or problems have lifted.

See yourself walking out the train station or airport door towards your life in partnership with your intuition. There is no need to look back.

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