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Tips To Engage In A Shamanic Journey

shamanismThis is taken from a handout in my shamanic journeying masterclass. When we start our actual sessions, we’ll do some preparing. However if I give you too much time to prepare during each journey section, that’s what our sessions are going to be. It’s going to really be up to you to take some time on your own to do some preparation work, so that when we join together in our sacred circle, we let go of our ordinary lives. An essential part of the preparation work is thanking the helping spirits for being here as you go into and leave a journey.

Shamanic Journeying Preparation Is essential 

Between sessions I have made drumming tracks for you to use for your own journeys, you want to make sure that you do some preparation work before you dive into your journeys to go deep into the invisible realms.

  • Ensure you take a break between some of your ordinary life tasks.
  • Take a walk in nature. I like to take walks in nature. Before I create theses sessions I take long walks in the woods here at the farm to clear my mind and be able to open up to the messages that the spirits are bringing through.
  • Do deep breathing – you will often hear me asking you to focus on your breath.
  • A classic way that shamans prepared. Singing creates a vibration in your body and you can really feel yourself becoming that hollow bone.
  • Meditating is a powerful practice as is TaiChi, ChiGong and Yoga.


Plan To Journey During The Times Of The Day When Your Mind Is Naturally Clear.

Welcoming the helping spirits: You may want to do this in your own time as part of your preparation. We always welcome or greet the helping spirits who are willing to help us in our life.

“Thank you for joining me on this journey. Thank you for joining me in this healing work.”

“Please come and help me.”

Personally I greet and thank the helping spirits, knowing that they are already here with me all the time. It’s me who has to open up to them rather than me needing to call them in.

Try Different Ways Of Working

For Example:

“Please come in and help me”

“Thank you” and simply greeting them.

See if you feel a difference in the vibration and the frequency and notice what works for you.

Shamanic Journeying – Surrender – There Is No Right Nor Wrong Way

There is no right way. Find ways that work for you. Know that welcoming the spirits, acknowledging them, greeting them is a very important part of our work as they are working in partnership with you. Shamanism is a pathway of direct revelation – your patience will be rewarded.

These are simple but powerful tips to engage in a shamanic journey. Preparation is the key to your success. Focus your attention on. your intention and dive right in.

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