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Shamanic Breathwork And Journeying Course

Hello my dear soul sisters and brothers

Learn how to wake up from the collective nightmare we are living in right now…

… and master ancient sacred breathwork and shamanic journeying techniques of dreaming the world into being…

Shamanic Breathwork And Journeying To Heal And Thrive Today

We have been caught in the drama and illusion that has taught us mere survival … living in the flight and fight mode – on edge, stressed – worried

We were born to thrive … act now – coupon is available to 5 days – (Udemy rules!)

Join me today to discover a shamanic toolbox of journeys and breathwork practices that you can adapt for yourself, your family, friends, community and planet. If you are a healer in any modality you can take these techniques into your practice.

The shamans have always known about our hidden power – we are constantly dreaming this world into existence. You have the power to create a new reality.

This Is NOT A Beginners Course

Please feel to purchase it now at this best price however you need some background in shamanism to fully explore this course. Here are coupon offers to some of the relevant courses in shamanism that will help you get the most out of this course. These courses will give you various insights into the teachings and wisdom of the shamans.

Beginners Shamanic Journeying To The Lower, Middle And Upper Worlds to awaken your transformative, powerful potential.

How To Do A Solo Shamanic Vision Quest – Transform Your Life – access pathways for dreaming, guiding your shamanic spiritual vision quest to live a heart-centred joyful life

Activate Faery Shamanism Bringing Transformational Abundance – draw deeply into the elemental world of the fae where you live.

The courses below do not teach you how to do a shamanic journey but do teach you much about shamanic lore

Spiritual Shamanic Initiation – The Munay Ki – receive initiation into these nine luminous Rites that will change your life

Master Shamanic Journeying, Ritual & Ceremony, Learn how to professionally lead & share guided ceremonial shamanism practices creating spiritual healing and awakening

Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide – How to restore and refocus your life to amplify healing and manifest with the moon via psychic mediumship and shamanism

Shamanic Nusta Karpay, Receive & Learn How to Pass Them On – Learn sacred ancient shamanic energy healing rites techniques & how to pass them on to help others awaken deep healing

Deep peace to you as you choose to thrive


Shamanic journeying
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