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The Spirit of Air Always

Envision a world where our bond with the Spirits is as effortless and instinctive as breathing. A realm where we are always aware of their presence, feeling their touch in every moment, and understanding how it animates our existence. 

Picture a scenario where each breath is a gentle reminder of your Affection for the Spirits, a serene exchange of giving and receiving. Feel into the spirit of air.

Experience the wind as the Earth’s breath, tenderly brushing your cheek and rustling the leaves on the trees, a gentle whisper of the Spirits. 

Welcoming the Spirits just as you welcome your breath. Opening your heart to Life. 

Draw The Element Inside

We hope these journey and medicine walk missions inspire you further in your practice and relations:

  • Ask for help to feel my natural connection to the Spirits
  • Ask for help to feel my natural connection to Life
  • How can I work with the Power of Breath at this time?

We wish you inspiring times.


Here we are

Breathing together 

Breathing with our bodies

Breathing with our senses

Breathing with our Circles

Creating with the Earth

Breathing with Life

Breathing with the Spirits


The words for BREATH and SPIRIT are very similar in many languages, sharing a common root. This similarity reflects a deep understanding across cultures of the connection between breath and spirit. In many spiritual traditions, the breath is seen as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, a tangible manifestation of the spirit within us.

We breathe to stay alive. When we are alive, we are filled – with breath and with Spirit.

When we die, we breathe out our last, and the Spirit leaves the body

Breathe and know – in this moment, you are alive and one with the Spirits, especially the spirit of air.

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