Living in harmony with the moon

Full moon

I always share with you that shamanism is a practice of direct revelation where the helping spirits guide us on unique ways to work on our own behalf and well as on the behalf of others. But today too many students of shamanism are taking it too literally and trying to conform. The power and magic of direct revelation is being replaced by copying others’ teachings and working with healing ceremonies in a rote way guided by notes instead of beautiful advice from the compassionate spirits who encourage us to break out of the box that is confining the unlimited power of our journeys and healing work. 

We can change the world with every thought we have and every word we speak when we are in the flow and work intuitively with all our helping guides and spirit friends. 

Every culture I have sat with and studied has a creation myth relating to the Moon and its importance. It is no wonder it has such a Central Role in the Medicine Wheel. The moon, depending on the myth, can be Female or Male and often the moon is a consort or sibling to the Sun.

Through the years of circling, sitting in ceremony and journey work I have had some of the most illuminating insights merging with the Moon. She has been a patient and potent guide helping me to sense my way into the physics of my own psyche. Not just the radiating qualities, but also my edges and blends; my moon shadow. To consider the moon in these ways, to see one’s own radiating qualities, to polish those too with the brush of one’s heart.

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