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Embrace A Shamanic Way Of Living To Thrive

Some tips for you to embrace a shamanic way of living The circular nature of life informs us as we embrace life on our unique shamanic pathway. As shaman, we no longer look for meaning in life. Instead, we look to bring meaning to every situation. As shaman, we stop looking for truth and instead bring truth to every encounter. Remember shamanism is a pathway of direct revelation – trust your high heart. One way to do this is through writing as writing helps us increase our self-awareness and also offers deeper insights that lead to both healing and transformation. If you have that journal waiting for you then maybe today is the day to being. We all have a story to tell, whether we think we have lived what is considered an ‘exciting’ life or not. It is important to remember that, at some point, everyone has a life experience worth putting on the page. For many people, it is only through the action of writing that the healing of any emotional wounds can begin. Try it today as this is a great way to embrace a shamanic way of living.

Two Sun Songs For You

Here are two classic heart-opening sun song rituals that I have encountered being sung globally. The words are pretty much universal. You might like to begin by casting your sacred circle. We are working directly with the Sun – 🌞 so face the sun and open your heart to the sun in the morning and evening

Morning Song:
Morning Sun Morning Sun
Come my way Come my way…repeat 3x’s
Take my pain Take my pain… repeat 3x’s
Down below Down below… repeat 3x’s
Cool waters down below…repeat 3x’s.
Evening Song:
Evening Sun Evening Sun
Came my way Came my way…repeat 3x’s
Took my pain Took my pain…repeat 3x’s
Down below Down Below……repeat 3x’s
Spend a few minutes simple feeling the sun fill your heart, ripple through every cell of your being. Close at heart centre and enjoy

Living in Gratitude

Globally we have all heard about the event that has kept us home. In reality, I view it as a wave of Grace. In the quiet times, we can fully focus on our hearts as we give we really being to see and embrace the eternal flow of love from our hearts, and in return so we receive so much.  Living in gratitude we feel such immense love for ourself, everyone and everything else. All of life is nourished in this simple way. We have the ability to love so deeply that it heals everything, and this in return is the gift we are receiving, the Grace of the Divine Mother, Father, pure Source that is within us and without. This is the perfect time to fully embrace and own your sacred truth. In this way we are able to embrace a shamanic way of life Let your love shine with every step of this sacred day and in this you embrace a shamanic way of living SharonFree inspiration for you:
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